The Beers Consultancy Fibre Suite

The Beers Consultancy Fibre suite is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for the Fibre Industry, helping the participants of a Fibre Construction project to perform better, faster and more efficient.

Real time information and visualization helps you to get in control and predictive analytics help you to improve. Telecom Operators, Service Providers, Subcontractors and Local Governments all benefit from the Beers Consultancy Fibre Suite.


The Fibre Suite delivers a solution to plan and manage costs and activities.

It provides a full toolset to capture progress, changes and rework in the field and delivers analytics and visual maps  to all stakeholders. We work with one dataset that is shared with all companies to foster collaboration, coordination and decision-making.

Click on the link for a whitepaper on Project Efficiency (PDF)


Qlik Sense technology

The Fibre Suite dashboard, based upon Qlik technology, provides transparency, detects anomalies and identifies improvements.

The predictive Analytics enable all stakeholders to act.



A structured data model from the data sources of the Fiber suite and the financial systems enables the stakeholders to manage the project and progress through KPI’s. Working from a single dataset brings reliability and transparency.



Predictive Analytics


Sound and timely decisions can be taken because all project data, like financial and operational forecasts, resources, cost estimations, change requests and project progress is captured in one system.



Project management

Project Module


The Project Module is an integrated part of the Lime3 Fibre Suite. This module provides detailed information about project planning, financial forecasts, resources and material use.

The Fibre project is set up in this module, as well as the Field Survey and the Construction phase.


Resources (equipment and labour), materials, related costs, length and drops estimate the project costs. The time based project variables (project start and completion) determine the deployment of recourses and materials.

The progress of the project is being processed from the GEO module in the project module and project-dependent components of the project are rescheduled automatically when necessary.

Estimate Costs

Schedule the project, the resources and materials and calculate the projected costs and lead-time.


Easy rescheduling

Determine project activities and their relations. Rescheduling becomes a piece of cake.



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